Let’s Not Cry Now…

​A SWIFT KICK IN THE ASS is what we’ve been dealt. Not by America or by the system of voting or even by Donald Trump, because at the end of the day, as much of any negative connotation that that man placed on hi mself throughout the electoral race, he never refrained from being himself. Simply put, “the masses are asses”. Everyday, we get caught up in reading through and joining some cause that’s supposed to make things greater for some gender, some sexual choice, some culture or some kid(s)….

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A Gentleman’s Artistry

You can tell much about a man from the words that he peppers his conversation with. Allow him the time and space to ponder his thoughts and you’ll witness his every syllable to resemble something like music. Add to that, the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words and one could only imagine the melodies that a piece of well crafted art would hold. Edmond Wilson is an artist of a million words. Words that pour onto the canvas, walls and any other surface that he dares…

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