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‘Daily Harvest’ Backed By $43 Million In Celebrity Money

New York City start-up, Daily Harvest jumped on the scene with a vengeance. Backed by hard hitting celebrities like Serena Williams, Bobby Flay, Gwenith Paltrow and gold medalist snowboarder, Shaun White, the healthy alternative line of frozen meals is a hit. A $43 million hit. It shouldn’t be a surprise however, with clean eating being more than just the “in thing” to do these days. Athletes and entertainers both want to extend their lives and careers naturally, so why shouldn’t we? Daily Harvest boasts itself as a fast, gluten free,…

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Bodybuilder C.T. Fletcher Overcomes Heart Attack To Give His ‘LAST WILL & TESTAMENT’

We should begin to celebrate our hero’s while they’re here, rather than once they’re gone. CT Fletcher, you are truly a hero and your life thus far is proof. From nothing to everything, you ARE Superman. THE Iron Addict.

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The New Fitness Craze: Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle may be a bit like going to a dance club with all the music and movement, but there’s also another plus to add. You’ll get healthy. Seemingly, the cycling craze has hit big cities across America with instructors being something like DJ’s. Here’s a few locations that could appease your curiosity and/or desires. All you’ll need is a towel and some determination. New York New Jersey  

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Staying Awake Does The Body Good

Okay, we don’t mean for you to never sleep, but Doctors have found that once you wake up, it is best on your body for you to stay awake. The brain is set to raise your temperature and release the chemical, dopamine by the time you are awake so that you will be alert and ready for your day. When you go back to sleep for a few more minutes of shut eye, it confuses the body, thus leaving you feeling sluggish all day.

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