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Omerosa Makes The Attempt To Switch Back

Once upon a time she was fired by a pre-presidential Donald Trump on his reality show, The Apprentice. Omerosa Manigault has found herself, recently getting fired again by Donald Trump, however this time from the White House. Today Omerosa is aiming to re-solidify herself back into the good graces of Black people that felt she’d abandoned them to be team Trump during and after the election of 2017.

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Jay-Z Speaks Candidly About Donald Trump & His Marriage To Beyonce

Rapper, Jay-Z, has bever been one to hold his tongue, whether you understood what he meant in his witty raps or not. However, now, the music mogul has grown alot more concious and speaks clearly about his future with superstar wife, Beyonce and the state of America under the guidance of Donald Trump. Watch the clips below, as Van Jones of CNN speaks with Jay-Z:

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Rapper 50 Cent Cashes In On Crypto-currency

We might know rapper, 50 Cent, for making hip hop music and lately for his hit TV show Power, but let’s not forget that he’s no slouch when it comes to investing in a good idea. Remember Vitamin Water? He cashed out on that and walked away with a nice piece of change. This time it’s Bitcoin. Years ago when the rapper released his Massacre album, he allowed customers to pay in Bitcoin, which waswn’t worth much at the time. However now, it said to be worth somewhere in the…

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