Former President Obama Nets A Hefty Price To Talk

It’s no secret that MOST presidents stand to make an extreme amount more after their tenure in the White House has come to an end. There’s books, speaking engagements and appearances to name a few. Well, recent President Barack Obama is no different in those regards. Aside from his profits from the handful of books that were written during his term, President Obama has recently been reported to receive $400k for speaking engagements. There’s money in them words!

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Rapper Nikki Minaj Gives Away Money

Rapper, Nicki Minaj seemed to be in a giving mood as of late. After being hit with a few personal messages, asking for help with financing college on Twitter, the rapper decided to give away $100k to 12 students. The only stipulation is for the students to have straight A’s in all classes. Minaj stated that there’s more to come if this proves to be productive in producing more productive students. 

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Auto: 2016 Bentley Bentayga SUV

Have you ever seen such a beautiful creature? It’s safe to say that rapper, 2 Chains, was onto something as he rapped about the Bentley Bentayga SUV that they ‘didn’t even make yet‘. It’s phenomenal  and we’ve provided you with details here. Priced between $280,000-425,000 the new SUV of the Bentley hierarchy  should turn a few heads if not your wallet.

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Connor McGregor Stopped By Nate Diaz In Round 2

In Saturday night’s UFC championship battle, the Irish phenom, Connor McGregor, was finally beaten. His lost came in the 2nd round by contender, Nate Diaz. Needless to say, McGregor’s lost was also a win, as he became the first UFC fighter to walk away with a 1 million dollar purse. Diaz earned $500,000 for his win that night.         

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