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Omerosa Makes The Attempt To Switch Back

Once upon a time she was fired by a pre-presidential Donald Trump on his reality show, The Apprentice. Omerosa Manigault has found herself, recently getting fired again by Donald Trump, however this time from the White House. Today Omerosa is aiming to re-solidify herself back into the good graces of Black people that felt she’d abandoned them to be team Trump during and after the election of 2017.

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Brady In, 6 Patriots Out Of White House Visit

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, may be good friends with newly elected President Donald Trump, but a few of his teammates aren’t. After a 5th Super Bowl win, New England was invited to the White House. 6 players so far, have refused to come along, leaving Brady and New England team owner Robert Kraft in a tight place. 

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From Friend To Foe?

Rap impresario, Russell Simmons, who once was a close friend to President-elect, Donald Trump, recently penned an open-letter to his longtime friend, stating his disappointment in how he’s behaved through the the election and even now. The letter, from Simmons, which was termed a prayer of sorts, was published in the Huffington Post.

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