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Mariah Carey Dumps Crew & Looks To Reality Show

  Multi-platinum singer, Mariah Carey recently fired her team of managers and caretakers to revamp her career. The successful singer made the move just as she announced that she would be starring in her own reality show this year. The show will feature her twin children that were fathered by her ex-husband, Nick Canon, and also a few appearances by her new fíance, billionaire, James Packer.

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Money & Violence Series Returns With A Second Season

The “Old Brooklyn” is back. Last year, after the Brooklyn based film production team, Cloud 9 TV set the YouTube world on fire with their first season of the Money & Violence web series, it was only a matter of time before someone with a lot of money and access would take notice. That person in this case was rapper and Hip Hop entrepreneur, Jay-Z with his newly formed online streaming company, Tidal. Cloud 9 TV now returns with season 2 of Money & Violence, boasting more camera angles, a…

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Dr Dre And Apple To Produce Original TV Content

Rapper, beat master and part of the mind behind ‘Beats by Dre’ headphones, Dr Dre makes a dash for the money with Apple once again to produce a series about his life for Apple TV. This will be Apple’s first television venture in an attempt to catch up to tv and movie streaming giants like Amazon and Netflix. The series is said to be in 6 parts and will be titled, “Vital Signs“. This is the latest deal done between Dr Dre and Apple after the company had bought his…

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Oprah Winfrey Brings In Another $12 Million By Eating Bread

Talk show host and media icon, Oprah Winfrey cashed in another $12 million plus from her stake in Weight Watchers after sharing with the world that she “eats bread and loves it”. Oprah’s involvement and stock in Weight Watchers has proven to be the spark that has encouraged sales and profits that had been dwindling beforehand.

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