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Healthy Ice Cream Brand Jonny Pops Taps Author & Chef Romay As Face Of The Brand

Some of us may not have heard of the low calorie, gluten free ice cream brand, Jonny Pops until now. Let’s face it, some of us are still struggling with the idea of ice cream that’s healthy. Well, recently, Jonny Pops inked a deal with author and chef, Romay, to be a brand ambassador and face of Jonny Pops. Chef Romay, although not traditionally trained, manages to engage with followers and fans daily on Instagram, Facebook and other social media, with his colorful pics of food and videos of antics…

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Burger King Calls Snoop To Sell Dogs

Burger King is planning to cash in by revamping their flame grilled menu to include hot dogs and who better than Snoop Dogg to endorse them? The rapper, who has been said to be the most marketable entity in Hip Hop once upon a time, steps into commercials to have the dogs done “his way”. Take a look:

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