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Healthy Ice Cream Brand Jonny Pops Taps Author & Chef Romay As Face Of The Brand

Some of us may not have heard of the low calorie, gluten free ice cream brand, Jonny Pops until now. Let’s face it, some of us are still struggling with the idea of ice cream that’s healthy. Well, recently, Jonny Pops inked a deal with author and chef, Romay, to be a brand ambassador and face of Jonny Pops. Chef Romay, although not traditionally trained, manages to engage with followers and fans daily on Instagram, Facebook and other social media, with his colorful pics of food and videos of antics…

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Colin Kapernick Inks Deal With Disney For Content

We’re not so sure about the hearts of these big corporations these days, but Disney seems to have their mind and money in the right place. Recently, the mega-brand took the opportunity to partner up a deal with former football hero and activist, Colin Kapernick. Kapernick will deliver content, beginning with a docuseries through ESPN Films, about his own life, that will be available across all platforms owned by Disney including Walt Disney Television, ESPN, Hulu, The Undefeated, and its digital animation studio, Pixar.

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Vodcaster Joe Rogan Snatches A Cool $100 Million from Spotify

Comedian, mixed martial arts expert and over the past 11 years, podcaster, Joe Rogan, makes out nicely with a new deal from Spotify worth more than $100 Million over several years. Until now, Rogan was exclusively recording his content for the ” Joe Rogan Experience” on YouTube, stating that the revenue there was enough not to care for other streaming platforms. Moving forward, the Newark, New Jersey native promises the same content with the same team as he houses his show on Spotify. Spotify (SA) has lately, been acquiring many…

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Black Panther Movie Dethrones The Dark Knight With $1 Billion In Sales

Marvel‘s first installment of the Black Panther movie has, in all aspects, been a success. As this article was written, the Black Panther movie sales had easily toppled $1 billion in world-wide sales, making it Marvel’s best seller above The Dark Knight. The Black Panther movie spun a craze, so to speak, unlike any other, with hashtags and challenges all over the internet. Marvel has already begun talks of a Black Panther sequel, as well as donated a cool $1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to…

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Rapper 50 Cent Cashes In On Crypto-currency

We might know rapper, 50 Cent, for making hip hop music and lately for his hit TV show Power, but let’s not forget that he’s no slouch when it comes to investing in a good idea. Remember Vitamin Water? He cashed out on that and walked away with a nice piece of change. This time it’s Bitcoin. Years ago when the rapper released his Massacre album, he allowed customers to pay in Bitcoin, which waswn’t worth much at the time. However now, it said to be worth somewhere in the…

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A New & HOT Way To Sell A Piece of $100 Million Real Estate

The right piece of real estate can sell itself. And nothing is more true than this hot estate and the way that its owner went about putting it on the market. A Hollywood producer recently unloaded his $100 million mansion with the SEXIEST video sales pitch ever — complete with naked women! The famed Bev Hills estate known as Opus just hit the market, and this movie trailer-styled reel is sure to have buyers lining up for the 20,500 sq ft, 7 bed, 11 bath palace. Opus was built by…

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Rapper Nikki Minaj Gives Away Money

Rapper, Nicki Minaj seemed to be in a giving mood as of late. After being hit with a few personal messages, asking for help with financing college on Twitter, the rapper decided to give away $100k to 12 students. The only stipulation is for the students to have straight A’s in all classes. Minaj stated that there’s more to come if this proves to be productive in producing more productive students. 

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New School Baller Makes Everyone Ball For His Kicks

NBA draft prospect, Lonzo Ball has his dreams set on the sky. Even before landing on a professional team, the former UCLA baller has brought his own line of sneakers to the market under his own brand, Big Baller Brand. Named, the ZO2, the b-ball inspired kicks have a price tag of $495, with slides bearing a price of $220. Former NBA star, Shaquille Oneal saw fit to address the young baller on social media, in regards to his high price tag. Oneal has sneakers on the market for just…

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