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Verzuz Gets The Battles Completely Right, Finally

If the COVID-19 pandemic has done anything positive, it has to be it’s ability to make light of everyone being quarantined for the past 5 months or so. Another positive thing that’s come from the unfortunate lockdown is the Verzus artist battles, hosted by Hip Hop super producers, Swizz Beats and Timbaland, and streamed live on Instagram. What began as an impromptu volley of beats, rhymes and hit records between A List music makers, ended up being the place where everyone tuned in to for hours by way of pc…

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Streaming Services Scale Back To Free Up Internet Space

Big streaming services like Netflix, Amazon (Prime) and YouTube that offer content to millions of subscribers have surely seen an increase during the coronavirus crisis as self-quarantined viewers are online more than ever. This surge in viewers, however, has placed a strain on other less demanding internet traffic. In turn, content providers have been urged to scale back its quality of videos. So if the movie that you’re watching seems a little choppy, then accept it as doing your part in sharing space on the internet.

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Anti-Snow App Shovler Is The Way To Go

With Nor’easter season upon us, there’s no better way to be well prepared than to have downloaded the Shovler app. That’s right, there’s an app for that too. Just log on and pick whether you’d like to pay a few bucks to get the snow removed from your driveway and cars. Or you can be enterprising and make a few dollars. We think it’s a win. 

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Dr Dre And Apple To Produce Original TV Content

Rapper, beat master and part of the mind behind ‘Beats by Dre’ headphones, Dr Dre makes a dash for the money with Apple once again to produce a series about his life for Apple TV. This will be Apple’s first television venture in an attempt to catch up to tv and movie streaming giants like Amazon and Netflix. The series is said to be in 6 parts and will be titled, “Vital Signs“. This is the latest deal done between Dr Dre and Apple after the company had bought his…

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