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Rockboy Empire’s Meatloaf Gets Real About EVERYTHING And EVERYBODY

Talk about choppers and you gotta mention Meatloaf. And we’re not talking about the “sit at the kitchen table and finish your dinner” type either. We’re talking about the kind of Meatloaf that designs a kickass chopper that’s so hot, that Harley Davidson starts shaking in their boots, wondering who could do such a thing. This is the kind of Meatloaf that creates a web-series, loosely based on his own life, complete with friends, foes, experiences and yes, you guessed it….choppers.


We stood on the side of the highway waiting for Meatloaf to pass by slowly, since we expected not to be much going on during the Coronavirus pandemic. We were absolutely wrong in this regard. While everyone was in the house, quarantined in some way, Meatloaf was doing well above the speed limit, on his grind, building bikes and making sure the world knows that his Rockboy Empire swagger is on point. Masks, t-shirts, hats, water bottles and whatever else you can think of has popped up on the Rockboy social media timeline and we’re here for it. So as the one and only Meatloaf aimed to speed down the highway, we took a chance and jumped out in front of his sexy one of a kind chopper to get the scoop on a few things Rockboy. Check out the conversation below:

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