Let’s Not Cry Now…

​A SWIFT KICK IN THE ASS is what we’ve been dealt. Not by America or by the system of voting or even by Donald Trump, because at the end of the day, as much of any negative connotation that that man placed on hi

mself throughout the electoral race, he never refrained from being himself. Simply put, “the masses are asses”. Everyday, we get caught up in reading through and joining some cause that’s supposed to make things greater for some gender, some sexual choice, some culture or some kid(s). Then we watched as a man stood before us and mocked & tore down all of that, but when the time came to choose if we’d stand by him, its obvious that we did. The biggest issue that eats me up from the inside to where I’m sure that you could see it on my face, is how ANY woman could dare cast a vote for anyone that’s associated to anything that put its middle finger up at what you fight for everyday with your partners at home, people in the workplace, with your male friends online and ultimately with anyone that will listen to or repost your memes that represent the feminist movement. This, I say, because I believe that if every female vote was for Hillary, even if for the simple case of she being one of your own, it would have changed everything. Whether it’s proven just how resilient women are to endure such bullshit in silence, publicly, while having so much more to say in private is one thing. But to think of how any child will grow up, first believing that anything is possible due to witnessing first, a Black man to become President of the US, and secondly, a woman to run for the same position, to now waking up to find out that its okay to bully someone, make fun of someone, be disrespectful to someones religion, views and opinions, to be dishonest, to be chauvinistic, and to just outright lie as a means to achieve a higher goal in life-its disheartening. This election was hard not to see, as it permeated the internet every step of the way. It caught on like wild fire, every lie and every half truth. We believed it and we shared it with the quickness, whether we thought it right or wrong, as long as we got a laugh. We were no different than the media outlets, broadcasting shit for likes, I mean views…which ultimately lead to advertising dollars. We were bamboozled once again and still we don’t understand why amidst our so called anger. Sadly, we never will understand until we’re prepared to stop following what’s given to us and start creating & relying on our own outlets. TV and social media could have told us that Trump won the election at 5pm yesterday and we would have shared it and believed it. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was a case. But what else are we to do if we constantly take a dishonest word for the gospel? For years I’ve even aimed to provide an honest approach at informing an audience while entertaining them as well with Steel Mag -because God knows that we won’t swallow all of our dinner w/o dessert to follow. I’ve done this most of the time alone, and dam near begged for support & input from the people that I know to a minimal. It’s only because I know so well what it is to start from the ground up, illegitimately and not that I didnt quit long ago. Up until yesterday, I’d all but run out of steam with writing and creating anything of substance, but the election encouraged me otherwise when I saw the potential of “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. I stayed awake until past 3am to watch what most of us cried to be impossible happen, all due to followers. Its the only excuse and/or reason that I can come up with. People followed one another who followed Trump, because they had no idea of what else to do. And for that, we’ve all-from Blacks to Whites to Hispanics to ghettos to trailer parks and swamps-suffered A SWIFT KICK IN THE ASS…but not from any other foot but OUR OWN. Peace.

~A message from the Editor 

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