Seasoned By Brooklyn: Choppin” With The Chef

I took a drive into Brooklyn for the sole purpose of tasting good food. It was a fairly warm day, with Summer finally showing it’s true colors, so even as the evening hours took over, the warmth didn’t give in. I’d been invited to taste a few things that would be sprawled out on plates and called dishes. Or so I thought. Today, the internet has made everyone a chef or a model or a photographer or a…well, you get my point. So, when I saw a series of beautiful food pics flooding my timeline on Instagram, I made the overall conscious decision to check out the authenticity of such offerings. Plus, my mouth had begun to water. After a few comments and email exchanges, Seasoned Brooklyn had invited me to come try some food.


I pulled up to a modest home in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. The emailed invite said that the house number was 73A, so when I saw the 2 women in leisure conversation on the sidewalk out front, I figured that I was in the right place. The door was open and I could hear more conversations inside, so I walked myself in and was greeted by an existing group of 14 or so more people. Everyone seemed to be from a different place, ethnically, economically and socially, and that somehow made me even more interested in the food.










After the 2 minutes of pleasantries exchanged with the warm strangers that would soon become my dinner dates, I made it to the kitchen to find Chef Chris Herko, head down, NY Yankees cap on backwards with a knife in hand chopping away at lightning speed. He’d made 4 or 5 revolutions around the kitchen, chasing ingredients before we’d caught each other’s eye and he welcomed me to his bi-monthly dinner that would consist of 5 courses and a drink pairing for each. Again, my mouth began to water.










An hour later, I’d either tasted for the very first time and/or devoured some of the most beautifully arranged and delicious dishes. From the colorful salads, to the gourmet pizza, to the “tuna crudo”, to the amazingly tasteful dessert that was named after a rap song. Good food and a crafty sense of humor? I’ll take it. Chef Chris managed to incorporate so many textures and colors with each course that made me wonder what could dare to be next. Each time I was truly impressed.











Five courses and five totally different drinks down and I couldn’t make up my mind as to which was my favorite. Was it the vegetarian sausage, garden pizza? Or was it the beer that was semi-imported from Chef Chris’ hometown in Vermont? Was my judgment impaired by the libations, or was everything just that good? I chalked it up to the latter and made a quick mental note to make time for future Seasoned Brooklyn dinner tastings.



Chef Chris is definitely a class act along with his family and the other dinner guests that decorated Seasoned Brooklyn for the evening. I drove home, back to New Jersey, with a satisfied appetite and genuinely pleased that the food tasted even better than the pictures looked online.


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