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Is The NFL’s Roger Goodell Ready To Assume Full Responsibility For The BLM Movement?

It’s been years now since a brave quarterback by the name of Colin Kaepernick went down on one knee during the pre-game national anthem, as a symbol of disagreement with police brutality against minorities in America. Thre years and 10 months to be exact. This courageous 28 year old was instantly labeled a problem by the NFL, but still loved and supported by others for his stance. Needless to say, the “others” weren’t signing his checks, and so the NFL made it extremely hard for him to collect a salary that he’d worked hard to achieve. Teams, coaches, execs and even one NFL commissioner by the name of Roger Goodell, all turned their backs on Kapernick with no desires or plans of allowing this “troublemaker” a chance to continue on fulfilling his dream of being a professional football player. Fast forward to March 2020, where the world has witnessed yet another Black man by the name of George Floyd, murdered by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The very same reasons that Colin took a knee, along with the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world is in disarray, causing big corporations and business models to consider a means to stay profitable and alive. The voices of the people have become louder and more frequent. America in and of all of its glory is burning, literally. There are no NFL games being played at all. Not with Kapernick on the field or any other players for that matter, which might make some wonder what the state of football might be once and if the fields that are played on by predominantly Black players opens up again. It’s obvious that NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell has wondered and considered this very same thing, as he did damage control in a long overdue message on the NFL’s Instagram account (below). Goodell apologized for the NFL “getting it all wrong” and went so far as to “encouraging” teams to consider that young man that was brave enough to take a knee and be vilified for years now. The NFL, a very wealthy, powerful and influential corporation obviously feels that their apology, support and newly found stance could make the difference now. If that’s true, then had they listened to and respected Colin Kapernick kneeling for the same racial injustices in America some 3+ years ago on August 14th of 2016, then maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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