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Jeffrey Epstein Right Hand Ghislaine Maxwell In Custody And Prepared To Tell All

Famed millionaire, Jeffrey Epstein charged with sex trafficking of minors before alledgedly committing suicide in an MCC (Manhattan Correction Center), escaped a possible lengthy prison sentence just in time. Speculations continue to circulate as to whether Epstein really killed himself in the 11th hour, or was he silenced by the many powerful elitists and politicians that he’d threatened to have information and footage on.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Footage, interviews and photos show that Epstein had a sidekick in all of this. Her name was Ghilaine Maxwell and while Epstein awaited trial before his death, she was escaped our sights. Until now.

Ghilaine Maxwell with Donald Trump and Milania Trump

Recently the US government has taken Maxwell into custody to answer to charges that make her an accomplice to the crimes committed by Epstein. Last update, Ghilaine Maxwell was prepared to cooperate with authorities by sharing information and accounts of everything that happened. Let’s hope that she stays safe in her cell.

Ghilaine, Jeffrey with Harvey Weinstein

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