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Vodcaster Joe Rogan Snatches A Cool $100 Million from Spotify

Joe Rogan

Comedian, mixed martial arts expert and over the past 11 years, podcaster, Joe Rogan, makes out nicely with a new deal from Spotify worth more than $100 Million over several years. Until now, Rogan was exclusively recording his content for the ” Joe Rogan Experience” on YouTube, stating that the revenue there was enough not to care for other streaming platforms. Moving forward, the Newark, New Jersey native promises the same content with the same team as he houses his show on Spotify. Spotify (SA) has lately, been acquiring many streaming services to become the leader of such format. With podcasts growing at an amazing rate, advertisement revenues have reached close to $700 million a year. We’re sure Joe Rogan’s fans and followers of his show can account for a nice chunk of that. Or at least enough to pay his $100 million tab. Congrats, Joe.

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