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Donald Glover Pokes His Childish Gambino Head In Just For A Minute

Donald Glover may have taken a minute away from creating his hit series, Atlanta, which airs on FX, due to family issues, but time away has definitely allowed the Grammy award winning artist to make music. Ditching his usual music moniker, Childish Gambino, Glover released a surprise offering entitled, “Donald Glover presents” that included heavy hitters such as Ariana Grande, 21 Savage and SZA. Glover never warned us or allowed us to get ready to download the long awaited project, and just as well, he made it all disappear within 12 hours after release. Yes, that’s correct. The LP was removed from all sites just 12 hours after the tease. The artwork for the LP depicted in cartoon form, a crowd that seemingly was distraught from some type of crisis. Sound familiar? Maybe, Glover wanted to distract us from the coronavirus pandemic for a minute. Who knows. No word as to why or when to expect its return, so now we wait…

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