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Remember When Hip Hop’s Joe Budden Saw The Future?

Once upon a time when there was no Joe Budden Podcast, no State of The Culture and no Love & Hip Hop, Joe Budden was a rapper. And as rapper, New Jersey’s own Joe Budden spoke his mind about the music industry and his peers in the music game. He also had a few things to say about the growth as an artist where the internet was concerned, while he was arguably the first artist to utilize the world wide web to connect with his fan base. Today, Budden is a Hip Hop media personality that speaks on the very same things that he once rapped about in songs and had conversations about in interviews. Here’s one of those interviews that was captured by us when we were a printed magazine publication (SWeT Magazine) that fueled an online radio show (SWeT Radio) that would today be called a podcast.

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