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Verzuz Gets The Battles Completely Right, Finally

If the COVID-19 pandemic has done anything positive, it has to be it’s ability to make light of everyone being quarantined for the past 5 months or so. Another positive thing that’s come from the unfortunate lockdown is the Verzus artist battles, hosted by Hip Hop super producers, Swizz Beats and Timbaland, and streamed live on Instagram.

What began as an impromptu volley of beats, rhymes and hit records between A List music makers, ended up being the place where everyone tuned in to for hours by way of pc or mobile device.

As with all things that get better with time, the 1st battles that were full of fumbles, so Tim and Swizz did some revamping to bring viewers a better experience, complete with HD viewing and listening supplied by AppleTV and post viewing provided by YouTube. Check out the Alicia Keys vs John Legend and Fabolous vs Jadakiss battles below:

Alicia Keys Verzus John Legend
Fabolous Verzus Jadakiss

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