New Drone Laws Affecting Creativity…And Fun

dji mavic pro drone

DJI has long been on the forefront with drone technology and production. Sales continued to increase over the past 4 years as flying drones have become a top hobby for some and a cheaper means to capture stunning footage for others. The company continuously made newer drones that were more recreational while petitioning themselves and their technology along with more elaborate drones to the US government. Now with the many cases of rogue drones flying too high into the clouds and disrupting aircraft business, laws and policies forcing flyers to register and get certified are in order. Recently DJI offered an app for non-flyers to keep track of drone activity in their respective areas, which is proving to be one more hindrance to drone pilots that just want to have fun or get some amazing aerial footage. So where does this leave the creatives that incorporate drones into their filming projects?

catching footage with a drone

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