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Toddler Found Gazing In Admiration At First Lady Painting

Let’s take a look at Parker Curry, the two-year-old visitor to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington that was found gazing at a portrait of former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Parker’s parents said that they take the tot to many galleries around the nation, but she’s never been mesmerized like this. So much that little Ms. Curry received a visit from the former First Lady, herself. How’s that for life imitating art? Take a look at what the former First Lady posted on her Instagram account:  Parker, I'm so glad I…

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A Gentleman’s Artistry

You can tell much about a man from the words that he peppers his conversation with. Allow him the time and space to ponder his thoughts and you’ll witness his every syllable to resemble something like music. Add to that, the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words and one could only imagine the melodies that a piece of well crafted art would hold. Edmond Wilson is an artist of a million words. Words that pour onto the canvas, walls and any other surface that he dares…

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