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The Project Heat Family Keeps Pushing During Hard Times

Losing a loved one can be trying on a family, especially when you’re as close as the Show Up Family was to their brother and actor, Tony Mannsion of the hot, urban web-series, Project Heat. Upon receiving news of Mannsion’s passing, we at STEEL would like to extend our condolences to the Project Heat team and the Show Up Films Family. Despite the loss, Show Up continues to push forward, as Tony would have wished, by continuing to drop new episodes of Project Heat on their website. Click HERE to…

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Seasoned By Brooklyn: Choppin” With The Chef

I took a drive into Brooklyn for the sole purpose of tasting good food. It was a fairly warm day, with Summer finally showing it’s true colors, so even as the evening hours took over, the warmth didn’t give in. I’d been invited to taste a few things that would be sprawled out on plates and called dishes. Or so I thought. Today, the internet has made everyone a chef or a model or a photographer or a…well, you get my point. So, when I saw a series of beautiful…

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Money & Violence Series Returns With A Second Season

The “Old Brooklyn” is back. Last year, after the Brooklyn based film production team, Cloud 9 TV set the YouTube world on fire with their first season of the Money & Violence web series, it was only a matter of time before someone with a lot of money and access would take notice. That person in this case was rapper and Hip Hop entrepreneur, Jay-Z with his newly formed online streaming company, Tidal. Cloud 9 TV now returns with season 2 of Money & Violence, boasting more camera angles, a…

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