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Cardi B InstaLive Pays Off

Rapper Cardi B knows a thing or two about marketing herself and her talents. So much, that when the platinum selling artist went on a heartfelt rant about healthcare for coronavirus patients on her live Instagram feed, the NYC census noticed and pulled the Bronx born Hip Hop artist in to do a PSA. Check it out below:

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Rapper Cardi B Issues CoronaVirus PSA

Rapper, Cardi B took to her Instagram account recently to give some advice regarding the coronavirus outbreak to the US Government in the form of a public service announcement. While officials in the White House may have some trouble understanding fully what exactly the platinum selling artist is saying, its evident that Cardi B means well for the United States population and mainly the poor. Maybe we should allow Cardi B to speak for us more often. Cardi B for President.

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