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Comedian Dave Chappelle Isn’t Totally For The Laughs…This Time

One could easily say that comedian, Dave Chappelle is a smart business man that happens to be funny while at it. This, in part, due to his turning down a reported $50 million plus from Comedy Central some years ago, only to return and claim almost 6 times that from Netflix with just 3 shows. However, Chappelle has a bit more going on these days to stake the claim of intelligence. Even genius level while we’re at it. In the middle of the smoke that’s kicking up, as well as,…

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Comedian, Mo’Nique Asks Fans To Help Boycott Netflix

Mo’Nique, a very talented and known comedian, is asking all of her fans to boycott Netflix because of what she cites as the huge video streaming service’s racial and gender biases. Mo’nique made mention of how her comedic counterparts, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle all received between $13 million and upwards of $20 million, whike she was only offered $500k for her stand-up special.

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