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Streaming Services Scale Back To Free Up Internet Space

Big streaming services like Netflix, Amazon (Prime) and YouTube that offer content to millions of subscribers have surely seen an increase during the coronavirus crisis as self-quarantined viewers are online more than ever. This surge in viewers, however, has placed a strain on other less demanding internet traffic. In turn, content providers have been urged to scale back its quality of videos. So if the movie that you’re watching seems a little choppy, then accept it as doing your part in sharing space on the internet.

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The Sopranos Setting The Table For A Prequel Series

It’s been some years now since James Gandolfino has passed and twice as long since the long running HBO hit series, The Sopranos has ended. Set in New Jersey, the mafia infused show always left viewers wondering when the end would come for mafia boss, Tony Soprano, while cheering on his antics and hoping that it wouldn’t. In an attempt to revive the storyline, producers have come up with the great idea of a prequel series, depicting the earlier times before the existing series, that would more than likely air…

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