Corona Virus Shuts Down The NBA And Other Big Events

The corona virus (COVID-19) has been making its rounds in a big way. Last night a basketball game in Utah was halted due to a player on the Utah Jazz contracting the corona virus. ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski reported Rudy Gobert was the player from the Jazz who tested positive. The center was an All Star for Utah in 2020. Shortly after that revelation, the entire season of the NBA was put on indefinite hold until things could get under control with this viral pandemic. Also, stopped in its…

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Rapper DMX Found Unconcious

Rapper, DMX (Earl Simmons) was recently found unconcious and without a heartbeat in the parking lot of a hotel in his hometown of Yonkers, NY. Over the years, the rapper has had numerous run-ins with the law and encounters with drugs. One of the most emotionally concious rappers over the past 20 years, DMX has been heard to say that his next calling would be of a religious and spiritual nature. At press time, DMX had gained conciousness. We hope that Earl Simmons aka DMX recovers and possibly find a…

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