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So Nobody’s Gonna Say How Hot A-Boogie’s Quarantine Performance, Room Service, Was?

While every celebrity and “civilian” alike is finding someone to have public conversations with on IG Live, some entertainers are actually giving us a show. One of those people is rapper, A-Boogie With The Hoodie. “Boogie” recently uploaded a mini concert of sorts to YouTube, called Room Service, where he and his team, while adhering to social distancing and wearing face masks, ran through a live set of his hits. In times like now, we need this. Check out the show below:

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Shots At Beyonce Super Bowl Performance

Beyonce‘s performance at halftime during Super Bowl 50 sparked a lot of chatter and Tomi Lahren, host of internet show, Final Thoughts seemed to chatter the loudest. After criticizing Beyonce’s performance that was styled to resemble a Black Panther rally, Lahren went on to dig in about the “Black Lives Matter” movement/campaign and more. Fans and supporters of Beyonce and the movement immediately issued threats ands disapproval via online outlets like Instagram. Take a look at Tomi Lahren’s words below and see if you feel she was a bit out…

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