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Illa Ghee TV Gives Us The Season Finale of ‘NY Minute’ Web Series Despite The CoronaVirus

Despite the COVID-19 hindrances, Illa Ghee and his production team continued to push forward with an extended season finale of the groundbreaking urban web series, A NY Minute. With everyone indoors and surely nothing left to watch on cable or Netflix, this is most definitely one to watch, along with the earlier episodes of NY Minute. Find out what Trav has been up to and why Sinone loves the way that she does. Thank us later.

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Rapper Cardi B Issues CoronaVirus PSA

Rapper, Cardi B took to her Instagram account recently to give some advice regarding the coronavirus outbreak to the US Government in the form of a public service announcement. While officials in the White House may have some trouble understanding fully what exactly the platinum selling artist is saying, its evident that Cardi B means well for the United States population and mainly the poor. Maybe we should allow Cardi B to speak for us more often. Cardi B for President.

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