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Black Panther Movie Dethrones The Dark Knight With $1 Billion In Sales

Marvel‘s first installment of the Black Panther movie has, in all aspects, been a success. As this article was written, the Black Panther movie sales had easily toppled $1 billion in world-wide sales, making it Marvel’s best seller above The Dark Knight. The Black Panther movie spun a craze, so to speak, unlike any other, with hashtags and challenges all over the internet. Marvel has already begun talks of a Black Panther sequel, as well as donated a cool $1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to support the organization’s STEM Centers around the country. And about those internet posts, we’ve posted a few from Instagram below along with the movie trailer to remind you of just how good a feature it was:

Some were amazing:

Some were capitalizing:

Some were INCREDIBLY heart-warming:

Alot were funny:

And some were just…uh…feel free to caption it:


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